This page describes how to configure CIclone to connect to CircleCI.



1. Select Preferences... from IDE menu.


2. Select Tools > CircleCI from the preferences window.

3. Fill the forms as follows.


  •  Max Pipeline Size : The size of pipelines shown at pane(The larger this size, the longer it will take to load the pipelines).
  • VCS Type : Type of VCS, connects to CircleCI(GitHub or Bitbucket).
  • Username/Org name : The owner name of the repository.
  • Repository Name : The name of the repository, connects to CircleCI(also known as the project name).
  • Token : The token of CircleCI(The link next to this text field leads to the token page where you can obtain the token).


4. Click Test button to verify the server and the credentials filled at 3.


When the test passes, a dialog will be shown as follows.



When the test fails, a dialog will be shown as follows. Please review the form again.



5. Click OK button of the preference window. Then you can see CircleCI tab at the bottom of the IDE.